Office Space and Workspace Trends that Have Emerged[...]

2020 has seen a lot of changes in the way people are living, working, and thriving in the pandemic year, but what about this year? Around the world, organizations are striving to embrace sustainable work practices, harnessing technological innovations to focus on employee safety and comfort. Therefore, office trends in 2021 have so far revolved […]

  August 23, 2021  

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Office Space for Lease – Negotiation Tips to[...]

Whether you are starting a business or switching to new office space for lease, it is essential to grasp lease terms. Knowing these terms can help you land a better deal that works for you for a long time to come. Lease terms can affect your businesses in many ways. So, before signing the papers, […]

  August 6, 2021  

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Why Do SMEs Prefer Fully Furnished Office Space[...]

Noida is a growing city in Uttar Pradesh. While Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai have established themselves as popular IT hubs of India, Noida is also climbing the ladder to the top steadily. A plethora of MNCs have already set up their businesses here. Noticing this, more and more SMEs have started investing in office spaces […]

  July 27, 2021  

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5 Major Types of Coworking Space Available in Noida

We are living in the 21st century where making smart business choices is the only way to move forward in the market. The proper utilization of resources at the time of need is essential for any company for business growth. It is the fastest-growing city in India and a lot of industrialists are showing interest […]

  June 29, 2021  

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5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Furnished[...]

Entrepreneurs and new business owners need an office to run their business. Finding office space on a lease can be intimidating and discouraging for the first-timers like budding entrepreneurs. There are many factors involved while getting a furnished office for rent, which makes them so daunting. Leasing an office is not like other leases of […]

  June 21, 2021  

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Buying a Commercial Space for Rent: What Execs[...]

As a startup owner or an executive of your organization, selecting the right office space is often one of the earliest and biggest decisions. In case you’re in charge of looking for a commercial space for rent, particularly in a place like Noida, there are certain things to keep in mind while doing so, which […]

  May 10, 2021  

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Smart Ways to Invest in Fully Furnished Office[...]

Setting up a fresh business with a dedicated office has always been a challenging job for many. However, the times have changed, we are no longer tangled with the good old days where we had only limited options. Now, we have a variety of options to choose from as per our business needs. Shared offices, […]

  April 29, 2021  

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5 Amazing Activity-based Office Design Ideas

Activity-based offices are trending – and more & more organizations are looking forward to adopting this approach. But what’s so cool about this new concept? Well, for one – it increases the overall productivity of the company. Activity-oriented offices can greatly enhance the employee’s experience, inter-communication, collaboration, and satisfaction rate which directly relates to the […]

  April 8, 2021  

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Picking a Shared Office Space for Rent: Tips[...]

There are several factors to weigh in when you set out in search of the perfect office space for your business. From space and furniture requirements to your potential landlord’s reputation, choosing a place to rent will always require due diligence. Given the emergence of various options in terms of modern offices, you may also […]

  March 31, 2021  

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Why Flexible Office Spaces are Preferred Post Pandemic?

The Covid-19 crisis last year (2020) was disastrous for many small and big organizations. To sustain their business in the market, some organizations have constantly been developing new ideas to cope up with the new situation. There were quite a few options to choose from but flexible office spaces was the most viable among them. […]

  March 11, 2021  

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Commercial Real Estate – Expectations VS Reality

Sometimes what we see is not the reality, and things are not that simple. People who delve into real estate deals probably know this. Whether it’s personal or commercial real estate, you cannot make a deal with just a flick of your finger. But if you go with a plan and strategies in hand, things […]

  March 2, 2021  

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6 Major Benefits of Collaboration in the Coworking Spaces

Businesses always find a way to deal with most of the crises. However, COVID-19 completely shook the world economics and the business structure. Some businesses are in huge losses and some are barely surviving. But, thanks to coworking spaces collaboration and current technology trends, businesses are finally recovering. In fact, they are doing even better.   […]

  February 22, 2021  

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6 Smart Tips to Get a Perfect Commercial[...]

Finding and leasing a commercial space for your new office that meets your style, budget and needs are definitely exciting. However, it might be stressful for young entrepreneurs. Well, it might not be if you have the right information to empower yourself. Finding a commercial office of your dreams can be time-consuming and requires a […]

  February 19, 2021  

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Renting a Furnished Office Space: Advantages & Disadvantages

The advisors at Procapitus are often asked about the benefits business owners stand to gain from renting a furnished office space. Their response is simple and honest: there are both advantages and disadvantages.  Therefore, it is important to consider both sides of the coin. If you are uncertain of what a furnished office space can […]

  February 11, 2021  

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5 Common Mistakes While Buying Commercial Space

Starting a business is an ambitious endeavor and your choices decide the future of your business. Whether you are buying or getting a commercial space for rent, carelessness is unwise. Make sure the decision you are making favors your future goals.  Many factors make commercial properties valuable for any business. For example the location, monthly […]

  February 9, 2021  

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Things to Know Before Signing a Lease for[...]

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to have a successful and growing business. And when the time comes either they buys or signs a lease for an office space. It’s better to sign a lease if you don’t have enough budget to get an office space for rent. But, before getting into the process […]

  February 5, 2021  

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Finding the Best Coworking Space in Noida is[...]

Whether you want a more professional work environment for your freelancing gig, or need a place where you can collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs – a coworking space is likely to fulfil your requirements.  But what is it in the first place? To put it simply, a Coworking space is a place that allows you to […]

  February 5, 2021  

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Office Space for Rent Noida: Best Places to[...]

Noida has held a unique place in NCR’s real estate investment scenario for many years now. The city has shown remarkable growth throughout this time, and it continues to do so. It has, therefore, preserved its position among the top investment locations throughout the country.  In fact, investors continue to show interest in various locations […]

  February 4, 2021  

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