Why Should You Choose a Commercial Office Space As a Start up Owner?


Why Should You Choose a Commercial Office Space As a Start up Owner?

Are you fed up with your 9-5 job and want to start entrepreneurship? But cannot afford a costly office? Well, if you want to explore a different path, you should consider entrepreneurship on your terms. But entrepreneurship is not about becoming your boss and implementing your conceived ideas only. It is more than that, It is all about taking on challenges and achieving success even with little resources.

Today there are an increasing number of people embarking on the entrepreneur path and want to achieve success. But most of your responsibility lies in the kind of location you choose. So, we will tell you what has shared office is and its benefits. Renting a commercial office space will not only save cost, but it has a lot of advantages.

You can achieve your dreams of entrepreneurship by addressing office issues and moving to a new-age office like a shared office. Shared office space is a place where two or more businesses share office space. In this set-up, the tenant of a privately leased office rents out their unused space to another business. Typically, a shared office owner offers a fully furnished space for business to a third party. For commercial purposes, both parties benefit from a shared office space. If you plan to lease such a place for your future project, you can use the internet, furniture, phone lines, and printers. Before moving to such a place, you need to sign a license agreement that grants the use of the space without tenant protections. You can also have a short-term agreement rather than the typical multi-year lease.

What is Commercial Office Space?

Commercial property refers to immovable property used for business and commercial activities. New-age entrepreneurs have many realistic and cost-effective choices. If you want to increase the size of your organisation and recruit more employees, you should consider buying commercial office space rather than choosing to work from home. Since co-working office spaces are flexible and easy to work with, they allow entrepreneurs to have a conducive environment and quickly switch into ‘work mode’ to fulfill their commitments.

Due to various benefits, India has seen a rise in shared office space. These offices are usually supervised and managed by an owner. They rent out a single floor and allow customers to use office space on flexible terms. It is not wrong to say that these workplace models are the product of growth and networking. Commercial office space for rent offers the ideal atmosphere for growth and positivity.

Benefits of Commercial Office Space for Rent

1. Flexibility - A dynamic organisation needs a perfect atmosphere to thrive. All you need is a private space for rent than paying for an entire building. Start-up entrepreneurs with shared office space can go about their business the way they want. These office spaces are available for a limited period. So, these offices are ideal for start-up companies. 

2. Pay-Per-Use Scheme - Small and medium size offices can leverage conference rooms, concept rooms, and themed terrace cafes as per their requirement. Sometimes they need to participate in brainstorming activities, organise meetings, close deals and participate in seminars. So they better pay for the co-working spaces.

3. Location - When you lease a shared office in a prime location, it will give you and your employees a chance to work in a prime location. A small business owner can afford a space in a prime location easily with a commercial office space.

4. Facilities - Most commercial office spaces are equipped with lockers, projectors, printers, fax, and mailboxes. You do not need to spend additional for extra resources as these facilities come in the company’s membership fee structure.

5. Productivity - Commercial or shared workplace is a healthy work environment for employees. As a result, their productivity will increase, and they will live their life to the fullest.  

6. Scalability - A typical office might not offer you scalability when you need it. But when in case managers or superiors need extra space or room, they can get it from a shared office.

7. Better Communication - With commercial offices on rent, you can hold meetings without facing technical glitches. Interactions can be seamless with 24/7 network support. Also, you can use a professional address for business communications without paying for a dedicated room.


Buying an exclusive office for rent is a headache for a small or start-up company. Given all the above benefits, setting up a managed office space is more feasible.

It will not only save you a lot of money but will save you time and effort too. So, keep in mind the benefits of having to work in a commercial office space and contact Procapitus Business Park today!

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