Why Flexible Office Spaces are Preferred Post Pandemic?


Why Flexible Office Spaces are Preferred Post Pandemic?

A flexible workspace is also known as shared spaces or flex spaces. It is usually a fully furnished space with various creative layouts. It may include the following –

  • Hot desks – available for any employee on the premises to use.
  • Open Office – based on an open work plan environment.
  • Shared Office Spaces – collaborating working space for employees to use.

Flexible and furnished offices boost collaboration, decreases cost, and increases flexibility for all kinds of organizations.

What did We Learn from the Crisis?

Challenges are essential for human beings to grow and adapt. Last year was one of those years that tested the human to the fullest and along the way, taught us quite a few things. Some of them are given below –

Working Spaces – A Place to Socialize

Even before the pandemic, socializing and water cooler talks were frowned upon in offices. Human beings are a social animal and if they do not interact or socialize with each other, it could affect their performance adversely. Therefore, it’s important to choose a working space that is designed with the “Social factor” in mind. A smartly articulated office design boosts the confidence and performance of the employees. Meaningful personal and professional engagement and thoughtful amenities are essential to boost social capital.

Importance of Distributed Workspace

Certainly, there are some limitations when it comes to working from home. But it doesn’t mean the employees have to commute from one place to another, especially during the pandemic. Now, there are options for smaller yet flexible office space that you can choose for your business where safety and maximum productivity is ensured.

Gone are the days where organizations mainly focused on a single model. Now, organizations dwell into other potentials like “Work from Home” and “Remote Working”. And with that, the Distributed Workspace Model came into the limelight. It’s a model that eliminates the limitations provided by the traditional work culture.

What is Distributed Workspace Model?

We can’t deny the fact that the ongoing crisis will leave a long-lasting impact on the world. It has successfully destabilised the contemporary organization and we will see the ripple effect for years to come. However, by adopting an efficient model that grows with time, we can somehow reduce the ongoing impact. A distributed workspace model is based on a balance between the primary office and the remote offices and is a hybrid solution from Work From Home and Work From Offices.

In situations like this, the demand for flexible offices is increasing. Undoubtedly, they are more convenient for employees to commute. However, conventional office spaces are still critically important for furnished space, layouts, and amenities. The demand and pace for flex offices are unprecedented, thus leading more organizations and companies towards the managed offices spaces.

Benefits of Fully Furnished Flexible Office Spaces

Furnished offices are ready to move workspaces for the tenants, where entrepreneurs and business owners can start from day one. As the name suggests, the furnishings in these workspaces are mostly managed by the service provider. This allows organizations to decrease the extra burden and focus on the most crucial tasks at hand.

How else are these working spaces beneficial to the organizations amidst and post-pandemic era? Consider some of the following advantages you will get with managed and furnished office spaces:

Provides Flexibility and Power to Customize

Managed offices are highly flexible and customizable as compared to the average office workspace. Meaning – your office, your choice of designs. You have a free-hand to set things up however you want, including furniture, equipment and other things. And the most interesting thing about them is that you don’t have to invest from your end.

Easy to Scale as Per Requirement

Another great thing about flexible offices is that they are scalable. Such flexibility allows business owners to easily upgrade the working space as their business grows. In addition, such spaces are affordable and provide all the things necessary to start a business. In other words, you don’t have to worry about business migration from one location to another as it is much easier.

Provides a Breathing Space for Business and Resource Gathering

Designing and maintaining an office space is complicated: it requires a lot of time and effort. Today’s market is fast-paced and filled with plenty of competition. It is important to invest your time in achieving business goals. Thankfully, you will find everything you need when you move to a shared space. So, you do not need to worry about furniture, Wi-Fi equipment, washrooms, constant water supply, etc. It will save you precious time, which you can use to amass business resources.

Final Thought

Time is tough and together we have to fight situations like Covid-19. Many organizations around the world have experimented with newer and older workforce models to tackle this situation. We are getting positive results in the form of flexible or shared offices. Flexible office spaces have completely changed the way we work, and it is turning out to be good for everyone.