Why Do SMEs Prefer Fully Furnished Office Space in Noida?


Why Do SMEs Prefer Fully Furnished Office Space in Noida?

A plethora of MNCs has already set up their businesses here. Noticing this, more and more SMEs have started investing in office spaces in the area too. However, they are more inclined towards fully furnished spaces. Why is that? We’ll find out in this blog.

Here are seven reasons why small businesses prefer having a fully furnished office space in Noida over a non-furnished one.


Fully Furnished Office Space in Noida

1. A Central Location

Fully furnished offices are generally available in centrally located business parks and corporate hubs. For instance, Sector 63 and 62 have plenty of modern, well-designed buildings offering such offices. This area is the most preferred choice of small businesses and startups that are looking to position themselves in known marketplaces and neighborhoods. Getting an office in a reputed place helps attain instant credibility that takes years to build otherwise.

2. Economical

The term fully furnished office space in Noida is often perceived as costly. This isn’t true. In fact, a fully furnished office offers upfront costs such as equipment, rental, electricity, and maintenance. It allows startups to operate almost immediately.

A non-furnished office on the other hand comes with the cost of fixtures along with costs like utility, maintenance, and equipment. Businesses cannot operate immediately after moving in, they have to wait for a month or two and get things ready first.

3. Flexible Terms

Brand new offices with no furnishings come with generic contracts with a term period of 4 to 5 years. For businesses that are just starting, this is a long period of time. They cannot foresee whether or not they will be able to afford the rent all these years.

With furnished office space for rent, you don’t have to worry about this. They come with flexible terms that allow you to move out or expand according to your requirements.

4. Lesser Responsibilities

A furnished office saves you from many administrative responsibilities. Business owners can leave most of their admin responsibilities to those who own the building with these offices. For example, most business parks have a grand reception area on the ground floor where they greet guests of all offices. This means entrepreneurs do not have to invest in reception services of their own as they are already taken care of.

5. IT Support

Every business relies on technological tools and equipment to run smooth operations. With furnished offices, they get access to all the essential tools without paying any additional costs. They don’t have to hire a separate team to manage tech support and IT equipment and support are an integral part of serviced office contracts.

6. No Maintenance

Office maintenance is time-consuming and daunting. MNCs tend to employ a large maintenance team to ensure regular office upkeep. With a fully furnished office space in Noida, you are free from such responsibilities. This is because maintenance services such as cleaning and sanitizing are included in the all-inclusive contract.

However, since you are a tenant at the place, you cannot be overtly irresponsible and should try keeping the office as clean as possible.

7. Networking Opportunities

Offices located in business parks and centers enjoy easy networking opportunities. They do have to go out of their way to organize events and celebrations for associating with other businesses as they are already surrounded by some of the best names in the market.

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