Ten Benefits of Renting a Shared Office Space for Start-ups, SMEs, & Small Businesses


Ten Benefits of Renting a Shared Office Space for Start-ups, SMEs, & Small Businesses

A rise in the number of businesses opting for shared office space is a good sign for our economy. In the post-COVID era the entire world was looking for a revival no matter in whatever shape it came. Shared office space for rent means procuring workspace minus any headaches of maintaining the infrastructure. This concept is a hot favorite amongst a workforce which is excited to network and collaborate. And so, capitalizing on this a lot of enterprises is now choosing to work from light shared spaces. As the latter provides an actual workplace which has a minimal effect on the company’s balance sheet. Procapitus Business Park is one such NCR-based facility that provides shared office space in Noida.

Shared Office Space Comes with Exclusive Benefits

A shared space brings along with it benefits that are exclusive to the workforce operating from that space. But before you decide on taking shared office space for rent. You need to decide what exactly you are looking for. Confusion will be there but figuring out the right set-up will only make the journey more comfortable. Along with getting rid of any factors that could affect the workplace atmosphere. So as promised above below we will be sharing with you ten benefits of shared workspace.

1. Networking

As we all know that in a shared workspace people from different professions share a common space. Because of this, these places turn into brainstorming hubs whether one intends or not. As people from different industries and sectors interact with each other. And so, in the process contribute to each other’s experience and wisdom. So, in the long run, management is no longer required to send their workforce out on paid leaves for enhancing their skills with the help of 3rd party courses. Procapitus Business Park is a shared office space in Noida where these brainstorming events are a daily happening.

2. Your Own Professional Space

Shared spaces are located in the business hub of a city. Easily approachable through public transport with public places like restaurants in the vicinity. Businesses that operate from either home or a local cafeteria send a negative vibe to their prospective clients. It is at this moment that a shared space comes to your rescue. As they offer you a professional workplace complemented by devoted meeting rooms and a cafeteria to assist you in networking.

3. Find Your Spot

Lately, managers around the world are warming up to the fact that mental health plays an important role in deciding individual employee productivity. In simple words, hard work becomes easy in a good mood and simple targets become hard to achieve when we are not in a good mood. A shared space lets an employee pinpoint the area with good vibes and deliver up to the management’s expectations with ease. Procapitus Business Park is a shared office space in Noida where management believes in this reality and renovates building interiors at regular durations.

4. Offers and Discounts That Remain Unchallenged

As shared office spaces are home to people with varied interests. So, Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) businesses that operate in these premises offer a lot of discounts to their occupants (client business’s workforce). And if you are a regular at these businesses then as an occupant you are exclusively eligible to get the best out of these offerings. This is a part of a strategy that building management has come up with to make this shared workspace attractive to its client business’s workforce. This type of out of box thinking ensures client loyalty in the long run.

5. Social Events That Encourage Workforce Interaction

To keep themselves attractive to client businesses in an indirect way. Building management of shared workspaces organize events on regular festivals that encourage personal level interactions amongst the workforce of all the businesses operating from under the same roof. Such events encourage creative and knowledgeable interaction among the workforce of all businesses.

6. Enhanced Productivity

Nearly 70 per cent of the workforce has revealed that they have a better focus on their job while working in a shared space. If you wish for an office of professional nature then procuring one on rent from a shared site will contribute to your workforce’s focus level. Furthermore, the benefits that come along with it will always outrank the cost.

7. Adaptability

Sharing is about being flexible. Choose the day and time of your work and reach there on time, it is that simple! Renting office space from a graceful workplace provides you with an opportunity to take control of your working hours minus any hassles of owning an office. In simple words, there is one less thing to worry about with shared office space.

8. Reduced Operational Expenditures

For start-ups and SMEs getting an office space of their own is not financially feasible. So, shared office space is the best choice for them. As its benefits outweigh the cost of owning office space. Furthermore, they can operate from these spaces without worrying about the expenditures, namely internet, electricity and office equipment maintenance bills.

9. A Place to Learn While Working

People with varied mindsets, skills, and knowledge work under the same roof in these workspaces. So, there is a lot of improvement in every individual's way of thinking. Moreover, they can upskill themselves and improve their productivity without leaving the office premises.

10. Substantial Improvement in Mental Well Being

This is a proven fact that loneliness has a deteriorating effect on the mental health of a human being. And shared office space by concept involves different kinds of people interacting with each other, improving their interpersonal skills and networking side by side. Moreover, some new-generation shared spaces house self-improving workshops that offer free entry to the client business workforce.


After going through the proven benefits of shared workspace most businesses are now turning to reap their benefits. Problem free path of using these office spaces makes them a worthy option for both start-ups and SMEs. Along with other benefits namely open office space, networking with like-minded people and enhanced business opportunities. These are some factors that make Procapitus Business Park a shared office.

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