Renting a Furnished Office Space: Advantages & Disadvantages


Renting a Furnished Office Space: Advantages & Disadvantages

Therefore, it is important to consider both sides of the coin. If you are uncertain of what a furnished office space can offer your business, this post explains the pros and the cons. 

Advantages of Choosing a Furnished Office Space for Rent

Given below is a list of just some of the major advantages of renting a furnished office space: 

  1. Flexible due to Lease – Signing a lease entails minimum legal expenses and generally no references. This is why businesses often prefer spaces that are ready to move in and come with short term leases. 
  2. Low Expenditure – Such an office space easily falls under various budgets due to nominal up front deposit and zero fit out expenses. Also, there are no dilapidation expenses and the monthly payments are generally all inclusive. There may only be a few additional components like IT and telecom packages.
  3. Convenient Scalability – Businesses can easily modify the amount of space as their requirements change over time. This means they won’t have to pay for space they don’t need or expand quickly without changing the company address.
  4. Consistent Support – Commercial centres often provide support in various forms on-premises, such as 
    1. Admin and reception staff for secretarial services 
    2. Meeting and conferencing facilities (available on demand) 
  5. Professional Impression – Your business will always be able to project a professional image when you rent a furnished office space. That is because the business center is constantly maintained on the inside and outside to a high standard. 
furnished & Unfurnished Office

Disadvantages of Renting a Furnished Office Space

  1. Can Prove Costly in the Long Run – Although a furnished commercial space can save money at first, business centers might prove expensive in the long term.
  1. Undifferentiated Offices – Commercial centers are of different kinds; some are converted buildings, while others are properties built for this purpose. Also, some centers may be equipped with traditional features, whereas others may offer quirky, unique spaces. Sometimes, built for purpose business centers may suffer due to their uniform offices that all look the same.
  2. Branding – Occasionally, the office spaces at business centers come fully branded. It means they have their branding and signage on the door or other areas of the space. This makes it obvious that the office space is rented and not owned by the company using it. Some centers, however, do provide completely unbranded furnished office spaces for rent, so that businesses can give the impression of owning their own office.

Final Thoughts

While the advantages of furnished offices outdo the disadvantages, the decision of renting one should depend on the business needs. It is best to compare the costs and expected returns and rent a space suitable for long-term sustenance. 

The alternative is to rent a high-end space for a short while to entice clients. However, moving to a smaller office after that may affect your business negatively. 

Why Procapitus for Furnished Office Spaces?

Procapitus Business Park sits independently within Noida’s office space industry. We want to show our clients they are making the right choice when they choose us. 

Furthermore, we prefer transparency with our clients. This is why we have also provided a list of some shortcomings company owners need to be aware of when they think of renting a furnished office space. 

Want to find out more? Just give our sales team a call on +91-931-942-7435. We would love to suggest some more advantages of moving to suitable furnished office space for your company!