5 Reasons for Choosing Hybrid Work Model


5 Reasons for Choosing Hybrid Work Model

A hybrid work model is a work arrangement for employees where some people work from home, and some workers remain in the office. Some may also be required to go into the office occasionally while working at home. If you are looking for the same work model, you should consider office space on lease in Noida sector 63. And just wait to see how it turns out to be a successful business idea.

According to the property advisor, CBRE, more than 10,000 employees in 18 countries participated in a recent survey to choose their preferred office. 85% of them said they would prefer to work remotely at least two to three days a week moving forward. Today there are many companies whose employees are working outside. However, these companies need recognition and support to sustain the current trend.

Pandemic Effects On Offices

The Covid -19 pandemic has changed many things, such as how we work. Today many people understand the benefits of working in hybrid offices when managing work and home. While it is not possible to completely underestimate the role of traditional offices, it is more likely that the hybrid office model will take place and remain there for some time.

Why Choose Flexible Workspace?

As per the current situation, the future of work is under further speculation. We can see a shift from 9-to-5 routine and change in how we work. The way we work now has highlighted the importance of work-life balance, flexibility, and strong work culture. Hybrid workplaces have assisted us and businesses to shift to the ‘new normal’ and motivated us amidst the pandemic to keep operations moving. According to the Cushman and Wakefield report in 2021, there has been a rise in the leasing of flexible workspaces by 57.8% by corporates than the last year. Going with the uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 and other benefits, it is not wrong to say that many enterprises are evaluating the requirement of flexible workspaces. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider commercial space in Noida, so look at this trend closely.

Reasons To Choose Hybrid Office Space

1. Boost Productivity - It is one of the reasons to choose a hybrid workplace. It helps employees to focus and work on strengths and weaknesses. It can boost productivity in the process. Also, a hybrid model encourages a work culture where employees can focus on their work, balance their priorities and collaborate with their teams. The hybrid model offers a balance between remote and in-office employees that further promotes the overall well-being of the employees, which automatically contributes to productivity.

2. Low-Cost - Switching from traditional offices to hybrid ones does not mean offices have to pay more when leasing. In such a space, you can’t find row after row desk arrangements. Instead, you can see versatile office spaces designed to support employees in their tasks in a fully furnished office. They use standing desks where people can log in with their laptops, use relaxing lounges for catching up on emails, soundproof cabins for meetings, and a coffee-tea area for informal team meetings. Businesses can cut costs significantly once they know how many employees they will ask to work from home and remote places. They can plan the occupancy levels to cut down on rent, office supplies, electricity, and other business expenses.

3. Improve Relationships - Hybrid workplaces improve work relationships and innovate with design work processes as per the demands and needs of team members. Introducing dialogue sessions can help teams improve workflow to improve relationships and increase communication.

4. Focus On Learning - Many organizations are particular about productivity which does not leave enough time for employee learning. Most traditional offices have an output-focused approach that does not focus on the long-term development of employees. On the other hand, the hybrid work model allows workers to have flexible work timings and schedule their meetings. It can help them work peacefully without being distracted and exhausted, leaving a lot of time learning a new skill.

5. Safe - The hybrid work model came into practice amidst the pandemic to keep employees safe and keep social distancing measures in check while reducing the number of people present in the office at any given time. Workers can either work from home or come to offices, depending on the situation.


The hybrid work model gives flexibility to workers to use different spaces. They can sit in corporate offices, coworking spaces and work from home. If this sounds interesting to you and you want to consider coworking space in the Noida sector 63 on a lease, you can contact us.