Office Space for Lease – Negotiation Tips to Get the Best Deal


Office Space for Lease – Negotiation Tips to Get the Best Deal

Lease terms can affect your businesses in many ways. So, before signing the papers, make sure you seek legal advice. A solicitor will save you from paying additional costs and ensure the terms are favorable for all the parties.

How to Negotiate for an Office Space for Lease

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If you are not sure of what you need to remember while negotiating, take a look at the points below:

1. Take Your Time

You are getting an office for your business. A place where you are going to devote 8 to 9 hours of your day. Do not take a hasty decision and sign the deal without going through the terms. Due diligence and negotiation is a time taking process. You’ll have to be patient with the deal.

2. Seek Advice

Don’t shy away from getting assistance from a property agent or solicitor. Their experience allows them to review the contract properly and provide you with strong advice. They will be on your side and help you land the best possible office space deal.

3. Determine Your Needs

You need to determine what kind of office you need. Consider the requirements of your team members and the facilities that come with the office. Also, make sure you have lease length in mind. For instance, if you want office space on lease in Noida for 3 years, make it clear to your solicitor as well as the landlord. We also suggest making other inclusions in the contract such as sublease and rent-free periods.

4. Request Incentives

Asking for incentives such as a rent-free period during fit-outs is a must. These incentives make your lease package favorable for you. Remember, the landlord won’t mention these incentives, you will have to specifically ask for them. Seek advice from your solicitor on what else you can add to the list of incentives.

5. Examine the Overall Costs

As a tenant, you will be paying way more than the base rent. This generally includes the taxes, business rates, service charges, and maintenance fees. The landlord will expect you to pay for all these. During negotiation, request a complete breakdown of all these costs.

6. Don’t Negotiate on a Single Property Only

One of the greatest negotiation tips when it comes to real estate is to negotiate on multiple properties. You cannot pine for a single option and let go of great alternatives. Negotiating more than one property will give power and a real-time comparison.

7. Bargain for Flexibility

Office culture is incredibly dynamic. New changes come in now and then which is why tenants require flexibility. When negotiating, expect some sort of flexibility in terms of contract termination, expansion, or subleasing. In case the contact is rigid for your needs, don’t settle for it.

8. Appropriate Attention

You need to pay careful attention to the office space you are planning to lease. Check everything from the interior and exterior to facilities and other aspects to avoid any unwanted surprises later. In case you spot any issues, share the same with landlords.

9. Make an Effort to Understand the Terms

Legal documents are a little complicated to read and understand. While you’d easily get some points, there’s a chance a lot of it will go over your head. Sit with your solicitor and ask them to clarify those terms to you. Sign the dotted line only after gaining a full understanding.

10. Be Prepared for the Worst

Sometimes despite a smooth ride, things fall out at the last minute. For example, if the landlord refuses to agree with any of the tenant’s requests, the tenant walks away. Similarly, if the landlords feel that certain conditions are unfavorable, they can take off too. This is why it is wise to be prepared for the worst and always have your options ready.


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