Office Space and Workspace Trends that Have Emerged in 2021

  August 23, 2021  

2020 has seen a lot of changes in the way people are living, working, and thriving in the pandemic year, but what about this year?

Around the world, organizations are striving to embrace sustainable work practices, harnessing technological innovations to focus on employee safety and comfort. Therefore, office trends in 2021 have so far revolved around a human-centric focus to shape the way people are living and working.

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Here, we’ll discuss the five most prominent office design trends that have influenced companies globally in 2021.

5 Major Office Design Trends Witnessed in 2021

Let’s take a look at all the aspects of working that business and office space owners are adopting these days:

Prioritizing Virtual Presence

There has been a rise in the demand for virtual office space for rent due to the increasing importance of videoconferencing technology. Virtual means of communication have played a vital role in facilitating and maintaining connection and collaboration among an organization and its clients as well as within the organization itself.

Although a large percentage of offices have reopened in India, the physical workplace and its employees have had to adapt to multiple concessions. These include an increase in physical distancing and the introduction of flexible shifts in several offices.

Bringing Back Social Interaction

People have been struggling to adjust: first, to working from home, and now that many offices have resumed operations at the workplace, working from the office. These sudden changes have made the office seem more than simply a place with a workspace. In fact, it has become a place for employees who were starved of social interaction to come together. They see the office as an opportunity to see their friends they enjoy working and collaborating with. 

Flexible and Adaptive Collaboration

One design trend to have gained considerable attention this year is flexible working. Making the workplace more adjustable to the circumstances of the employees has become important for businesses.

After all, these are uncertain times and the only way to cope is to encourage flexibility as it will help them be prepared for everything. So those who want their businesses to continue to bring in top talent are investing in this trend, much like opting for a virtual office space for rent.

Modular and Mobile Furnishing

Office design can’t stay the same in 2021 – it must be practical and flexible if it has to remain suitable for evolving needs. To do so, it has to accommodate elements such as physical distancing and split shifts on a regular basis.

These can be achieved with the help of modular furniture that’s built to be adjusted and moved to fit the users’ requirements. From walls and partitions to portable desks and chairs, this type of furniture has been proving extremely useful in designing new working patterns.

Integrating Office Design into the Employers’ Brand

A majority of marketers have always believed that office space is an extension of a brand’s identity. This year, a rising number of companies are taking the time to improve their office design in an effort to solidify their employer brand, and recruit and retain top talent.

Office workspaces are also quickly gaining more visibility. They’re no longer only seen by employees or final-stage candidates but are often showcased throughout various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

This, along with the amount of time your teams give your clients virtual office tours makes it essential for you to put your brand’s best foot forward through a desirable office workspace design along with designated virtual office space for rent.

4 Things You Can Do to Adapt

Here are some tips to help you adapt to the changing trends mentioned above:

  • Install cameras, microphones, and screens throughout the office including meeting rooms (to connect with remote workers)
  • Add smart interactive whiteboards to facilitate onsite and offsite coordination
  • Make conferencing more effective by improving the acoustics in your office design
  • Include small designated video conferencing rooms for better private collaboration with remote teammates


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