How to Maintain Your Commercial Office Space During COVID-19


How to Maintain Your Commercial Office Space During COVID-19

The year 2020 began with a declaration from the World Health Organisation (WHO) alerting the world of a new coronavirus outbreak in Hubei Province, China. The organization treated this disease as a public health emergency of global concern, stressing the high risk of it spreading to other nations.

Since then, all the countries and public health authorities across the globe have been taking steps to control the spread of this COVID-19. Affecting millions in almost every country, it has brought negative effects to the entire world which is why we cannot take its successful control in commercial office spaces for granted. 

Each section of society needs to step up in order to maintain the safety of all the stakeholders, from businesses to educational institutions. If we are to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the damage it has been causing, we need to take certain steps that are explained in this blog.

How Coronavirus Can Spread in a Commercial Office Space

If a person having this disease sneezes, coughs or exhales forcefully, they give out droplets that contain this infection. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of every droplet in the projectile but most of them fall on objects or surfaces close by, such as chairs, desks, or other items. 

When other people touch these surfaces, the germs on these droplets can go through their hands into their eyes, mouth, or nose if they touch them without washing their hands. So, if you are looking for a furnished office on rent, make sure you keep your hands clean and sanitized wherever you go.

COVID-19 spreads like flu since people standing within a meter of an infected person are highly likely to catch it. That’s because they can easily breathe in the droplets released by them during coughing or exhaling. Although a majority of people exposed to this disease recover after facing a few mild symptoms, there has been a good percentage of serious cases. Patients with serious illnesses end up requiring hospitalization and it usually happens to those above forty years or with additional vulnerabilities.

Easy Steps that Can Help in Preventing the Transmission of Covid-19 in Your Organisation

In order to aid in preventing the transmission of infections like flu, colds, etc in the office space for rent Noida offers, there are some methods that are reasonable and shield your clientele and staff members.

Even though COVID-19 might not be present in the localities of their operation, these steps can be followed by the authorities right away. By carrying out these methods, the transmission of COVID-19 can be slowed down when cases begin to occur in your offices.

●    The first step begins with ensuring hygiene in your facility.
○    Disinfection must be carried out by wiping on all the commonly used surfaces that include workstations and devices daily. This needs to be done without question because COVID-19 spreads through cross-contamination and these are the surfaces that a majority of workers and visitors of the commercial office space commonly use.
●    Put great stress on hand hygiene and encourage everyone to follow it. Hand hygiene involves following two main ways that are - 
○    Washing of hands for about 20 seconds and drying them thoroughly, and
○    Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Everyone in the building should do any, or preferably both, of these in a timely manner, especially after touching commonly used surfaces. Doing these frequently destroys the virus and helps reduce the spread of COVID-19.

●    Setting up automatic hand sanitizing machines and washbasins for handwashing at main entry points and numerous places throughout the furnished office on rent.
●    Informative posters must be put up across the workplace that can provide instructions on what all the employees and staff should follow to maintain safety. Such posters need to be from official sources such as the local public health authority or WHO. 
●    Organizing timely sessions in the office for the staff to provide more information and awareness on this subject is also necessary.
●    Respiratory hygiene is another important step that requires compliance in order to reduce transmission.
●    Face masks should be made mandatory to use for all the personnel and customers in every office space for rent Noida provides.
●    It is also necessary to make tissues available for everyone and to keep waste bins with a lid to dispose of them in a proper manner.  
●    Employees should learn and follow instructions regarding the various travel protocols and advisory.
●    Instruct the staff to remain in isolation if they discover any symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. It should be made clear to the employees that any time taken off for recovery will be taken into consideration as authorized sick leave.
●    Provide all the employees such information through various sources of communication used in your organization.

If there are any steps your local public health authority, occupational health services, or other partners are taking to curb the spread of COVID-19, make sure you do your best to comply with them.

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