Commercial Office Space Trends in Post-Coronavirus World


Commercial Office Space Trends in Post-Coronavirus World

You will find a lot of information in both online and offline media channels regarding changes in the way commercial office space is consumed in the post-coronavirus world. And most of that is true because in the past two years that just went by. A lot has changed in our professional lives mostly driven by our needs and concerns for safety. As we are nearing the end of 2022, this pandemic is still very much a part of our lives. But there is a saying that whatever happens life will go on. The same is the case now, we have learned to adapt ourselves to new behavioral patterns and expectations. To bring our professional lives back on track.

Freedom To Choose Workplace

Most of us are now amongst those millions of "knowledge workers" with the freedom to choose our workplace aka commercial office space. And we are doing our best to strike a balance. Between our professional and personal lives with this newfound freedom. Procapitus Business Park is one such real estate setup in NCR. Here you can find shared office space for rent or furnished office space for rent whatever best serves your professional purpose.

Some Professions Have Been Denied Access to This Freedom

Most have noticed this fact while the whole world sat locked inside their homes during the COVID-19 lockdown. Some professionals were still out there on the roads. While some sat in their commercial office spaces doing their jobs like a regular working day. As if nothing new had happened. Most of these people included frontline workers working in sectors namely healthcare, retail, teaching, transport, and security. The word "hybrid workplace" meant nothing to their daily lives. But there is good news for them, as advances in technology open up new opportunities for them to do the same work. In new and different ways without putting their lives at risk.

● Hybrid Workplace

Talking about commercial office spaces where we will work. Our future will have three types of office spaces for sure - centralized workplaces, spread-out remote organizations, and the hybrid "best of both worlds" approach. As we step into a future free of remnants of the pandemic. The global workforce will be the ones taking the call rather than being asked to come to terms. Or abide by the age-old workplace rules and regulations of their organization. Most organizations are warming up to the idea of a hybrid workplace over a centralized one.

When the pandemic was at its peak, almost 69% of big corporations expressed an intention to decrease the amount of commercial office space required. In favor of shared office space for rent or furnished office space for rent to see an increase in per employee productivity. Hybrid workplaces range from companies maintaining permanent centralized offices to hot-desking accepting the fact. That most of the staff will now log in from their homes for a major part of the working week. They have achieved success in this experiment by opting for workplaces. Along with serviced meeting rooms to support the needs of a primarily remote workforce. Procapitus has embraced this opportunity to serve like-minded organizations with its real estate setups spread across Noida.

● A Workforce Whose Skills Are Enhanced By AI

According to a WEF (World Economic Forum) report, with new developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation. There will be an addition of more than 97 million new jobs by 2025. At the same time, people's existing roles will get a new definition. And it will ask them to expand their abilities assisted by AI technology. In the starting days, AI will be of great use in automating daily jobs that are repetitive by nature. So, the freed workforce can now focus on areas that need human touch in particular. Like human creativity, imagination, high-level strategy, or emotional intelligence.

Some of the real-life examples include lawyers who will use AI to cut down on the amount of time spent reviewing case histories to find patterns. And doctors will now have computer vision capabilities to help them analyze medical records and scans to better diagnose illnesses in patients. In the retail industry, augmented analytics will help store managers in inventory planning along with logistics. Furthermore, it will also help sales personnel predict what every shopper wants when they walk through the door.

All thanks to AI, marketers will now have an endless number of tools at their behest to create target-specific campaigns and segment audiences. Talking about engineering and manufacturing professionals. They will now have access to technology that helps them better understand how machinery works. And get a warning in advance when a breakdown is nearing.


Commercial office spaces are evolving at a never-before-seen rate and furnished office space for rent is a reality in today's work world. Embracing new workplace trends allows businesses to create more innovative and progressive organizations. To attract productive talent along with good media attention in the process. Some of these trends become industry standards when they deliver regularly without fail. While others only work for a while and go down unnoticed. Either way, new ideas are worth checking out and implementing. Because who knows one of them could just bring about a long-awaited revolution in your operations.

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