Choosing a Commercial Space for Rent: What Execs Should Know


Choosing a Commercial Space for Rent: What Execs Should Know

In case you’re in charge of looking for a commercial space for rent, particularly in a place like Noida, there are certain things to keep in mind while doing so, which we will explain in this blog.

5 Vital things to Consider when Selecting a Commercial Space for Rent

Make sure you go prepared with these five essential tips given below:

1. Ensure Enough Space – for Now, and the Future

When calculating the square footage for your company, it is as important to take the future into account as it is to consider your current space requirements. Performing a test fit will help you determine whether all your team members can be accommodated or not. But don’t forget to determine if you will have plenty of room to support your organization’s growth too. This will help you gain a perspective of the right space for your company.

2. Determine Building Maintenance Costs & Expectations

How well is the building, where you’re looking for office space, maintained? It is important to know whether the corporation that owns or manages the premises is properly handling all of its maintenance-related duties properly.

Before you sign the lease on your new commercial space for rent, you may want to find out more about the maintenance service quality. You can do this by speaking with the tenants about regular maintenance and security operations.

3. Examine the Location

How safe is the area where your choice of commercial space is located? The neighbourhood and the routes leading to it must be safe enough for your employees to reach and work there.

As a decision-maker in your company, it is essential that you ensure this by checking the security-related concerns associated with the area if any. That’s because you and your staff will most likely be spending a significant amount of their time here.

Therefore, when you set out in search of office space, always consider all the possible routes from different locations to the office your employees may take.

4. Observe Transportation Routes & Alternatives

The office space must be convenient to commute to with ample transportation alternatives. For instance, there should be good proximity to different links such as a bus, railway, or metro station. Always keep your team members’ daily commute in consideration before narrowing down your list of “suitable” commercial office spaces for rent, especially in places like Noida.

5. Don’t Forget Parking Space Availability!

This is also an important point of concern because many people prefer travelling by personal vehicles. Parking your vehicle shouldn’t become a commute in itself, so check if there is ample parking space either within the premises or close nearby.

If you’re interested in commercial space for rent in Noida, let us know! We can provide plenty of options when it comes to choosing the perfect office space for your startup.