A Beginners Guide To Choosing Commercial Office Space


A Beginners Guide To Choosing Commercial Office Space

High-rise office buildings, swanky interiors and pleasant work environments are what we all need these days. Modern workplaces play a crucial role in attracting and retaining great talent. Also, these spaces are an excellent opportunity to grow, ideate, brainstorm with teams and come up with innovative solutions. Today, people want to look beyond traditional offices and do not require long-term lease commitments. So, leasing a commercial office space could be a great idea. We will tell you a few hacks to find a perfect office in this blog. 

There are different types of commercial office spaces. You can choose the space according to your business requirement and the nature of your job.   These offices are designed for efficiency, creative independence and ease of use. With different types of office spaces available right now, it is overwhelming to choose the right one. Most people when choosing a physical location for their business can either go with coworking spaces or a traditional office. 

What are Coworking Spaces and Traditional Offices?   

Each type of commercial office space has its pros and cons, it is essential to choose something that meets your expectation. When you buy a traditional office, it is an exclusive place for you.  If you are renting a traditional office, you need to enter into a contract with the owner. Maintaining and running the office will be your responsibility. Traditional office spaces are exclusively for working professionals from the same company while coworking spaces offer diversity in terms of the number of offices and people working in these offices. 

Noida is one of the most popular places in the NCR region and is well-maintained by authorities. It is also a hub of several IT and software companies. Some important companies like Samsung, HCL, Barclay’s, CSC and Agicent are major contributors to the economy. Networking opportunities are some of the advantages that come with coworking spaces. Remote workers can work and positively grow in such a coworking space.  But how to find the best commercial office space? It is essential to choose an office space as per your requirement. So, before investing your time and leasing a commercial space, get a better understanding of the property you want to buy.  Here are a few tips to help you find a fully furnished office for rent in Noida.

 A Guide to Choosing Commercial Office Space

1. Location - Location matters a lot these days when choosing a commercial or a residential space. When you are on a way to finding a good location, do not forget to check the neighborhood and nearby facilities. The office should be close to the gym, coffee shop, ATM  and a shopping complex! These are some facilities you need to have when choosing office space. 

2. Size - Consider the size of space you want to lease considering the future expansion and number of employees. If there are fewer people in your company, then you can go for a small co-working space. If you have just started with 1 to 3 members, then go for per seat model. Coworking or shared office spaces are good for start-ups.

3. Parking Facility- It is good to have an office space with a parking space to park visitors and employee vehicles. Finding a parking space has become a challenge in big cities. So, why not have an office with a parking space?  

4. Neighborhood - Many employees choose an office at their convenience. The neighboring areas outside your office premises should have proper transportation, restaurants, markets and medicine shops to cater for the visitors and employees. You can choose an office space where you get all the facilities like parking area, transportation, and other facilities. The neighboring areas can help you create a desired image. So, choosing the right office space is critical for companies. It can help them attract the right talent for their company. 

5. Cost - Cost is another factor a company should take into account when looking for a shared office space. Noida in recent years has come up with some of the best offices and it is easy to get tempted by them. At the initial phase of your startup, you can keep your expenditure cost low by leasing affordable property. 

6. Contract - Once you have selected the best location for your business, you can read the terms and conditions carefully before signing any kind of document. Ensure to read papers carefully and agree with those terms before making the right decision. 


Running your own business requires fulfilling a few essential steps including finding a commercial office space. The above tips will help you take an important decision like this.

Selecting a commercial office depends on many factors and you must have your requirement list ready to start the best one. Choose the above tips and tricks to find the best commercial space in Noida.

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