5 Amazing Activity-based Office Design Ideas


5 Amazing Activity-based Office Design Ideas

What are Activity-based Office Designs?

An activity-focused office is a workspace where the employees have the flexibility to choose the way they work. They have complete freedom to choose how, when, and where to work in a workspace. Such office settings are hard to find in traditional office designs where the overall environment is too rigid to work.

Employees, without a doubt, are the most important element in a company. So, it’s essential to handle them with care and support them with their own choice of settings. According to big corporate minds – an office with a touch of freedom to work is a suitable place to bring the best out of your employees. The human mind works better if we feel free and can choose the conditions regarding how we work.

Activity-focused Office Design Ideas

Making an office employee-friendly brings more productivity to the premises. There are many ways through which you can experiment with fresh ideas to make a better workspace. If you are thinking to build an fully furnished office space that delivers everything your employees need, you’re in luck. Because we have gathered a list of 5 ideas to design a perfect workspace –

1 – Formal and Informal Conference Rooms

The meeting is an important aspect of any work culture and every office must have one. A formal meeting room is ideal for discussing marketing/sales strategies, brainstorming, and tackling business hassles.

If you want to design your formal meeting room, you can never go with minimalist designs. These designs are less distracting and more welcoming which is perfect for bringing fresh ideas. You can also add a big glass window to bring more natural light and bright ideas. You do not always need a large meeting room to make things happen, a simple cabin can do the job perfectly. These rooms are called informal meeting rooms. They are ideal for casual meetings, discussing minor matters, meeting new prospects, etc. You can play with different sitting ideas to make it more welcoming.

2 – Lounge Areas with Couches and Tables

An ideal activity-focused office area is all about making the working space employee-friendly. Keeping this in mind, you can create a lounge area with modern couches and coffee tables. Employees can get comfortable and sip tea or coffee on the premises while working on an idea or a project. They can also use the lounge area for presentations, fun activities, group discussions, and more. A state-of-the-art area is an ideal setting for happy employees. For an office setting – you can try leather couches, bean bags, green plants, and glass windows on the wall for the proper flow of the light.

3 – Well Equipped Cafeteria and Kitchen Setup

Many believe coffee runs in their veins and we have no intention to doubt them. Whether this statement is correct or not but we know how important refreshments and brief breaks are. Having a well-equipped cafeteria on the premises brings great joy among the employees. They can get their favourite drinks or snacks while brainstorming, socializing, or cross-department collaboration. Such setup requires more space than usual getting; therefore, getting a working space is the best. A happier workforce promotes positive results for the organization. And if you’re looking for options, we suggest choosing a commercial space for rent in Noida. These properties on rent have proper space to design your office however you want.

4 -Terrace Office Settings

You can utilize any area you want for activity-based office design on your premises, including the terrace. We all know the importance of fresh air and proper sunlight for effective working culture. Such conditions promote good health, boost productivity and morality among the employees. Nothing is better than an outdoor terrace to get fresh air, a blue sky, and green plants all in the same place. It is an ideal place for having lunch, tea, socializing, and working together.

5 – Cozy Pods and Phone Booths

There are many types of businesses around the world and they all have different requirements and settings. Suppose you have a department in your organization that deals with clients on phone calls. If you put that department with another department, neither they nor others can work properly. To tackle this situation, bright minds in the designing industry come up with pods and the phone booth setup. Now, the employees dealing on the phone can use the pots or booths and get the job done without disturbing others.


A rigid office design hinders the performance of the workforce that leads to not so pleasing economical results. That is neither good for the company nor the employees. Therefore, it’s best to adopt newer and better concepts to get the best results. You can also opt for fully furnished office space for rent at affordable rates if you don’t want to indulge yourself in designing and stuff.